Who we are

Celebrating ancestral techniques from South Asia for today.

With love from Adivasi (indigenous) communities.

Tega తెగ means family in Telugu; for indigenous communities in South Asia,

everything on this earth is family.


Our start

We started Tega తెగ to amplify the work and culture of indigenous peoples across South Asia and preserve the time-honored traditions of each community.

Always Inspired

We are inspired by native plants, dyes, artistic expression, and way of life in Adivasi communities. 

We wish to support our leaders in honoring our mother earth.

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Dedication to Craft

With each collection our designs are co-created with a specific community highlighting their traditional colors, patterns and natural symbols. 

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Community Resilience

We strive to build healing and enriching relationships with the communities and ecosystems that support us.  

Our wealth distribution model funnels 15% of our profits back to the communities we work with for each collection to remove the traditional hierarchy of power and profit.

3% of profits will be donated to organizations supporting indigenous community regeneration and land back initiatives.