The Alankara Collection

[uh-lun-kaa-rah] noun
to adorn.

Adorn yourself with color and pattern as they are integral to culture, freedom, and self expression.
The Alankara collection explores, one of India’s nomadic indigenous communities, the Lambani people. Commonly recognized as "the tribe of wandering grain carriers, the Lambani tribe are known for their colorful clothing, ornamentation and spice trade.


is inspired by the Lambani women who crafted this collection. 
In a world where western modernity overflows with shades of white, beige, grays and blacks the Lambani women ensure their walls and dress are both a mass of vibrant colours and do not subscribe to modern day monochromes and minimalism. Our current fear of pattern and color is due to the pressure to aspire to western standards of wearability and modernity. For Indigenous communities color, pattern, and embroidery are integral to culture, freedom, and self expression.


Everyday silhouettes are adorned with Lambani embroidery passed down from centuries depicting different forms of nature. The distinctive embroidery work take 3-4 months to prepare and is done with bright colored threads with various needle sizes depicting plants, dowers, animals and birds. Mirrors and cowrie shells are added as ornamentation to the garments. Alankara is made with love and mastery by our Lambani artisan partner Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra using natural fabrics woven with indigenous techniques.

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